Start virtual OS on VMware at boot time.

    Today, I install virtual OS [Ubuntu] on Fedora 7(F7) Server. I install this server (Ubuntu virtual) for run service  Lunch Order System. After I installed Ubuntu I found big problem , it can not start Ubuntu virtual by automatic when my Host server (F7) reboot. That true !!, I’m very lazy for manual start Ubuntu server. I want to configure this server starts auto when Host server restarts.

I use few hour to find solution  for fix this problem. Sure !!, I start at , I use keyword “start vmware server boot time” , I find this solution at link No. 20 from my search.

This solution is Automaticaly Power Up VMware Server Guest Operating System  , I think this solution very basic for config but it’s easy.

1. Start vmware program.

2. Select virtual host.

3. Click : Edit virtual machine settings.

4. Click : Tab Options.

5. Click : Startup/Shutdown

6. Select : On host startup -> Power on virtual machine.

autostart vmware

OK, that perfect. 😀