Start virtual OS on VMware at boot time.

    Today, I install virtual OS [Ubuntu] on Fedora 7(F7) Server. I install this server (Ubuntu virtual) for run service  Lunch Order System. After I installed Ubuntu I found big problem , it can not start Ubuntu virtual by automatic when my Host server (F7) reboot. That true !!, I’m very lazy for manual start Ubuntu server. I want to configure this server starts auto when Host server restarts.

I use few hour to find solution  for fix this problem. Sure !!, I start at , I use keyword “start vmware server boot time” , I find this solution at link No. 20 from my search.

This solution is Automaticaly Power Up VMware Server Guest Operating System  , I think this solution very basic for config but it’s easy.

1. Start vmware program.

2. Select virtual host.

3. Click : Edit virtual machine settings.

4. Click : Tab Options.

5. Click : Startup/Shutdown

6. Select : On host startup -> Power on virtual machine.

autostart vmware

OK, that perfect. 😀

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12 years ago

i have checked it , but my virtual machine doesnt have such option , any clue ? my version is vmware workstation 6.5.3 build 185404

12 years ago

Hi Amir,
Maybe, you can set automatic start in .vmx file in your vmware guest directory.
You can see this file in your guest machine example “Ubuntu10.04.vmx”.
Then you can put something like:

autostart = “poweron”
autostart.order = “10”
autostop.order = “10”

In case, you have many guest machines in the same VMWare server, you can set number of order also.
Anyway, please see example from this link, perhaps it can help you :;jsessionid=C771EA12478354BC3034411DF045366B

Good luck !!!