Access list for allow ssh only on switch 3750G.

This is solution of configure device switch 3750G for allow user connect to host by ssh-client.

1. After you connect to switch you would be create number of access list by this command.

# ip access-list extended 200

2. Configure this access-list for allow port 22 only.

# access-list 200 permit tcp host 123.456.789.012 eq 22 any
# access-list 200 deny tcp any any
# access-list 200 deny udp any any
# end

3. Map this access-list into interface that physical connect though ssh-server.

# interface giX/Y/Z
# ip access-group 200 in
# end

4. If you want to verify you access-list , you could be use this command

# show access-lists

End . 😛