How do configure the OpenVPN client on Ubuntu.

After I installed Endian Firewall. I enabled OpenVPN service and I want to connect to private network by OpenVPN Client. And this is workaround :

1. Download file cert.pem from OpenVPN Server. (System Admin can help you.)

2. Install OpenVPN Client.

# sudo apt-get install openvpn

3. If you put your cert.pem on this path /home/your_account_name/openvpn-client/cert.pem when you connect by OpenVPN client you must use this command :

# sudo openvpn –client –pull –comp-lzo –nobind –dev tap0 –ca /home/your_account_name/openvpn-client/cert.pem –auth-user-pass –remote Your_IP_Of_OpenVPN_Server

** This command has one line.

4. It’s complete.

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12 years ago

more simple ways,just adding commnad options in to configuration file 🙂