How to mount VMware image on ubuntu.

Many times, you want to get some file from Windows XP which it is VMware image so you must start VMware program before.

This solution is how to get file from VMware image without start VMware program by

Your VMware image file are :

aoddy@aoddy-lnx:~/data/WindowsXP$ pwd
aoddy@aoddy-lnx:~/data/WindowsXP$ ls
564d1873-d6f7-0ff2-4c37-73ca0c947671.vmem vmware-1.log WindowsXP-f002.vmdk WindowsXP-f006.vmdk WindowsXP-f010.vmdk WindowsXP.vmx
564d5c5d-fb91-ecac-7dc3-b22c8af61714.vmem vmware-2.log WindowsXP-f003.vmdk WindowsXP-f007.vmdk WindowsXP-f011.vmdk WindowsXP.vmxf
nvram vmware.log WindowsXP-f004.vmdk WindowsXP-f008.vmdk WindowsXP.vmdk
vmware-0.log WindowsXP-f001.vmdk WindowsXP-f005.vmdk WindowsXP-f009.vmdk WindowsXP.vmsd

Check your partition number on VMWare image.

aoddy@aoddy-lnx:~/data/WindowsXP$ -p ~/data/WindowsXP/WindowsXP.vmdk——————————————–
VMware for Linux – Virtual Hard Disk Mounter
Version: 1.0 build-44356
Copyright 1998 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. — VMware Confidential
Nr Start Size Type Id Sytem
— ———- ———- —- — ————————
1 63 41913522 BIOS 7 HPFS/NTFS

Start mount by

# sudo mkdir /media/usb/
# sudo /home/aoddy/data/WindowsXP/WindowsXP.vmdk 1 /media/usb/ -o ro

Woooo 😀