How to allow LDAP port (389) on Endian Firewall.

I found, I could not load Address book data from my Zimbra server. I have knew LDAP service which I got Address book data from this service has used port number 389.

On earliest stage, I allowed port number 389 on TCP protocal only on my Endian Firewall. Why? I could not get data? I backed to search information about ALAP again and I found…

On this site :

LDAP Service needs port number 389 on TCP&UDP Protocal. After I allowed that number on TCP&UDP, I could load Address bood data .

And these are steps :

1. Login into Admin page of Endian Firewall.

2. Click ‘Firewall tab’.

3. Click ‘Port forwarder’ on left menu.

4. Click  ‘Add a new rule’ .

5. You must create 2 rules for support TCP&UDP