How to go to Toulouse@France.

At Thailand.
    – Check weight which allow into a Plane. I just knew from Thaiways,  they can allow about 20 kg but I will consult this problem with GISTDA to help me to allow the weight more than that.
    – Request a VISA for go to France.
    – I will leave in Thailand in 00:05 on July 3, 2009 (This is on the night of July 2, 2009)

At Paris in France.
    – I will arrive at the terminal 1 of Charless De Gaulle airport in Paris, France, 07:05 on July 3, 2009.
    – Contact with the barrier of immigrant in France.
    – Change to internal airline by Air France AF7782 at terminal 2F and l leave from Paris about 10.15 July 3, 2009.
    – I will arrive in Toulouse about 11.35.
    – The map of Charles De Gaulle : 

     I don’t know how to go from terminal#1 to terminal#2F.
    – How to go to the Eiffel tower from Charless De Gaulle airport :

Big map

        It is far from the airport about 35 Km so I think I cannot see the tower from Airport anyway I hope, i can see it on a plane. 

At Toulouse in France.

    – The map of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS).

    – Contact Jean Claude who will bring me to CROUS&ISA.
    – Go to CROUS and inform them, I just come in to Toulouse. What are documents which they need from me?

At ISA in Toulouse

    – Contact Evelyne who can support about my room.