SEN: How to create an eFFBD diagram in MDWorkbench.

MDWorkbenchFor starter, it is very complex so as to create an eFFBD diagram in MDWorkbench. OK, let’s go & follow me.


  1. Of course, you should start your software MDWorkbench.
  2. Create your project; the name of my project is “TestEFFBD”.
    1. Click: File -> New -> Project
    2. Click: General -> Project
    3. Project name: TestEFFBD
    4. Finish
  3. Create new model; I assign the name is “Test”
    1. Right click on TestEFFBD -> New -> Other
    2. Click: MDWorkbench -> Model
    3. Click: Defense -> Finish
  4. You should find the window like below picture:
  5. In Type windows select: Functional Entities -> Scenario
  6. Right click on Scenario-> Right click -> New -> Scenario
  7. Name: High level scenario
  8. In Reference Windows click: New
  9. In Choose a Type: Select Expresses The Dynamic Of -> OK
  10. Name: Mother function
  11. Now you can modify the eFFBD diagram !!!
  12. On menu bar, Click: Window -> Show View -> Diagram

  13. Perfect!!!


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11 years ago

Nice to see sth about SEN, especially MDworkbench:)

11 years ago

Hi lynn,
Are you System Engineer?..
Nice to talk with you ei ei.. ^_^

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