Install Eclipse and C/C++ Development Tool on Ubuntu 9.10.

Next week, I have an intern-ship interview at EADS in subject “Test software by C++”. So as to prepare my self, I decide to reinstall Ubuntu 9.10 and try to review the C++ programming over again.

I know, the Eclipse is a software that provide an environment for development software which supports many languages programming.

First time, I used to study the JAVA programming by Eclipse during I studied in University (2002) and last year, I used it again in in Project RoBAFIS project.

Of cause, I need to use it again in developing software by C++ and I found “The CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) Project”, it like a component which can install in-side the Eclipse environment. Let me start now !!!


1. Install Eclipse.

sudo apt-get install eclipse

2. Then start Eclipse.

3. Help -> Install new software.

4. Click: Add

Name : CDT

Location :

5. In CDT Main feature, check:

  • Eclipse C/C++ development tools. (Binary runtime and user documentation.)

6. In CDT optional feature:

  • CDT GNU Toolchain Build Support.
  • CDT GNU Toolchain Debug Support.
  • CDT Utilities.
  • Eclipse C/C++ Development Platform.

7. Restart Eclipse.

8. Perfect !!!

Please see more detail at :

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10 years ago

this link does not match when i put it on “location”

10 years ago

Thanks. it works. Initially I faced a problem with “duplicate location” while adding new repository. To solve the problem, I clicked the “Available Software Sites” (just below the Add button), and removed the already mentioned site from the list. Then, I started from the Step-3 of this instruction. bingo. 🙂

10 years ago

Thank you for this information! Worked like a charm on Ubuntu 11.10 with Canonical Partners.

omar orozco
omar orozco
10 years ago

Also works in ubuntu 12.04

Nwe Nwe
Nwe Nwe
9 years ago

I’m using Eclipse Juno on Ubuntu 12.10. How’s installation steps for CDT for C++. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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